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The interaction between individuals and the processes that they use is how business gets done. The dynamics between these are very real, and make the difference between a highly functional organization and one that under-performs.

Does your team reflect your organization’s purpose?

Change Dynamics, Inc. partners with you to achieve your vision for your organization, by aligning people and processes to your strategy through individual and organizational development. We help you identify roadblocks, provide perspective and tools to achieve your professional objectives, and help you empower your leaders to achieve organizational goals.

How We Support You

We are experts in processes to help you clearly understand the situation, develop a sound plan and then get to action. Whether working with an individual leader, department, or company-wide initiative, we emphasize integrated evaluation to see what’s working and what’s not.
[rev_slider leadership-development]Leadership development is a collection of practices designed to augment relevant knowledge, skills and abilities of leadership. Change Dynamics Inc. can support your organization in assessment, development planning, instructional design, program evaluation, and coaching.

When working with you as a leader, we help you to uncover and strengthen your genuine leadership qualities; providing perspective and tools to achieve your professional objectives. We also guide you in empowering your team to reach their potential and achieve organizational goals.

We use tools and assessments as appropriate, such as: The Birkman Method (individual and team assessments); DISC; Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI); The Center for Creative Leadership’s KEYS to Creativity and Innovation and SKILLSCOPE 360-degree multi-rater.

[rev_slider coaching]The coaching process is designed to maximize professional potential. We work with individuals and teams to identify motivators and behaviors that enhance or hinder performance, and identify a clear plan to leverage work strengths and minimize ineffective behavior.

Coaching accelerates the development of leaders and “high potentials,” providing the individual with skills to better influence and impact, and providing the organization the strength to improve business and financial results.

As example, by allowing us to be a part of your team member on-boarding and integration, we can help identify crucial factors and outcomes needed, build a transition plan, give critical insight into their environment and perspectives, and provide the team a quicker appreciation of the new team member’s methods of working, in order to maximize their first months on the job.

[rev_slider job-analysis]The foundation of all other job-wide development work, including competencies, training, and performance management is the content and context of the job itself. By analyzing the work itself, you can extract necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in order to do the work competently.

If this foundation is not solid, it is unrealistic to expect human resource development functions to produce a return on investment, or for the line organization to perform to quality and safety standards.

[rev_slider performance]Do your performance management processes promote the right behaviors? Do they measure organizational results? Do they align with the necessary organizational capabilities? We can help you focus your performance management processes on what matters, while freeing your team of the time-wasting aspects.

[rev_slider organization]Organizational development uses planned, organization-wide interventions to affect the overall health of the organization. We will partner with you to analyze the problem, the implications of planned change and organizational readiness, and identify actions for implementations.

[rev_slider planning]We can suggest specific structured processes to plan and conduct sessions to define your organizational or team vision, mission and strategy. We encourage an inclusive process that increases commitment, and that creates compelling goals and actionable strategies.

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Spotlight: Why Coaching?

Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential. How could you benefit?

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About Us

Travis Lane
Travis LanePresident
Travis has over 20 years of experience in creating systems targeting individual development and organizational change through assessment, training, coaching, and other leadership development methods. Consulting has afforded him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of organizations in upstream and downstream petroleum and chemicals manufacturing, gas compression, aerospace, aviation, computer hardware and software, engineering, medical, financial, and education industries.

He has extensive field experience working with various departments, C-level executives, intact work teams and project teams, and has worked key areas of human resource development, including job analysis, competency development and mapping, performance management systems, and organizational systems analysis.

Travis holds a Masters degree in Behavioral Sciences: Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance. Travis is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and holds both the Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) certification through the Human Resource Certification Institute and the Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification through the Society for Human Resource Management.

For me, curiosity is a big driver. I have an immense drive to figure things out. That curiosity really fuels my ability to approach organizational and individual engagements with an eye towards research; with inquisitiveness to see the situation from as many relevant angles as possible. Consulting has allowed me to interact with a diverse number of corporate cultures and missions, for which I am thankful. My favorite moments at work are when I get to see the “ahas”; when a client is able to see the direction or action that had previously hindered or eluded them.

I enjoy thinking about consequences, and consider long-term outcomes to be vital to any effort. I strive to continually earn each client’s trust and respect through integrity, diligence and results.

See what some of our clients and partners have to say about us!

Travis is such a pleasure to work with! His level of expertise and ability to get people to open up with him is amazing. He is so organized and helpful! He and his work really made a lasting impact! Thanks Travis!
Michelle H., Yay for Life!
As the Director of a major training program, Travis led the content management and design effort for my program delivery team over the last few years. Travis was a steady performer, consistently delivering quality results and proactively taking the lead on several key pieces of work for the program. He managed all updates and changes to the program content and any design changes to the program delivery model. Travis is always a professional in his actions and was a reliable and trustworthy member of the team.
Dave R., VP, BP
Travis and I attended the Leadership Coaching program at George Mason University together in 2013 and engaged in barter coaching following the completion of the program. I am always impressed with Travis’ commitment to helping his clients achieve their goals – by helping them to define their objectives, asking powerful questions to enable them to find their own answers, and holding them accountable for following up on actions. Travis’ gentle nature makes him approachable and easy to work with, and clients are always left with the impression that he truly cares about their well-being and success.
Lori H., VP, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Travis is an extremely professional individual who has an exceptional eye for detail. He also copes with pressure extremely well – keeping a cool head when others may be getting carried away and losing perspective.
Derek B., Derek Bell and Associates

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